5 New Arrivals That You Do Not Want to Miss

5 New Arrivals That You Do Not Want to Miss

With all new things to explore at gypsy, here are just a few items and selections we think you will love, in honor of the new season. Make sure you read through on things you do not want to miss to maximize your summer experience! 

As the season begins to change, so does our desire to spruce up around the home! With our new collection of evil eye candles, your home will be smelling vibrant and fresh, all the while, cleansing your home of negativity. The invigorating aroma of grapefruit provides a citrus edge, creating a summery feel within the home. Artfully curated with 100% soy wax and pure fragrance oil, you can burn this throughout, without the fear of releasing toxins. You can even use the candle oil as lotion! Check it out here

Summer is often a crazy and busy time. That is why it is essential to take a moment to recharge and be in the present. With 5 different designs and styles, there is definitely something suited for your preferred taste! All journals are equipped with over 100 pages, providing you with plenty of space to collect your thoughts. Relax this summer and allow yourself to stay centered and focused with these journals! 

Be the future you wish to see for yourself by incorporating our new collection of tarot card necklaces! Made out of stainless steel material, you will be shining bright with this dazzling piece. Each intricate design features a charming replica of the tarot deck. You can choose from all of the different designs we offer, here 

Powerful yet dainty, this protection necklace can be layered and complements any style you wish to achieve. Going for more of a casual look? Pair this necklace with the outfit to add just a right amount of flare! Need something to spruce up the night? This luminescent piece will amplify that bold look! You can pick one up(or two), here

Rings prove to be a cute addition your style!  This crescent moon ring, embedded with an amethyst crystal, not only boosts aesthetics, but also dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety, from the gemstones properties. Its adorable appeal will be just what you need to complete any look!

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