8 Bohemian Accessories That Adorn Your Summer Outfits

8 Bohemian Accessories That Adorn Your Summer Outfits

As the weather starts to change, so does our need for new accessories. Below are a few pieces that we recommend here at Gypsy Soul to all of our fashionistas out there looking to shine bright this summer! 



 Need something to perk up some business atire? Or how about tired of wearing ordinary jewelry while heading out to shop? At Gypsy we have unique and fashionable finds, especially when it comes to our earrings! These charming and attractive round evil eye earrings give enough edge, without lacking in style. For a night out, you can sub for a pair of our glamour deco evil eye earrings. They are daring and fun! Perfect to embody a bold look 





We can not forget about our hands when it comes to accessorizing! Rings provide just the right amount of flare without overtaking your look. For a cute and luminescent appeal, we offer a few different colors of our summery butterfly rings! If classy and elegant is more your style, than I recommend our intricate, wire-wrapped tree of life ring





Necklaces are one of the first things that people notice about your outfit, that is why it is important to pair with something versatile, yet trend-setting!  To ensure that you are shining bright this summer, we recommend our stainless steel, zodiac necklaces. You can wear your personality out in style with these dazzling pieces, all the while being perfect for layering up with other styles! Our horned-amethyst necklace is both naturalistic and fun. You can wear this for a more casual setting, such as brunch with friends, or, pair it with a dress for a night out. Both of these selections prove to be best suited for anyone! 



The possibility for bracelets are endless! They are versatile in how they can be layered, even when mixing in different styles and types. For that reason, these two make a great addition to any look you are going for! Our crazy agate buddha bracelet have luring hues of corals and oranges that fit any summer aesthetic. If alignment is what you are looking for, then we offer a chakra bracelet with lava stone rocks; perfect for using as aromatherapy beads! Just add in a couple drops of your preferred essential oils and you'll be good to go! 


With all of these and more, at Gypsy Soul Boutique, we have something for everyone this summer! 


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