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Gypsy Soul

Snake Slithering Earrings Silver

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Since the beginning of time, serpentine earrings have been fashionable jewelry. They have a crucial role in religion, mythology, and literature. The snakes symbolize rebirth when they shedding of their skin. Re-birth symbolizes transformation and healing. Handmade Snake Earrings are the statement piece to complete your chic outwear. These are also reminding their wearer that each day is a new day and we can start from the start every day like and bring you different opportunities every day.

These earrings are made with love and care. All hand-made and laser cut, every detail is perfect. Each earring is one of a kind, the slither snakes are so detailed and the gold or silver finish is extraordinary.

You only need to wear one of these, and it will be a conversation starter!

Due to its design with 3D laser cut methods, these snake earrings are super light and come in 2 colors.

Package Content

  • Stainless Steel
  • Made and Design with Positive Vibes in Mind


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